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Interior Design in Danang – Manufacturer price

Being the fifth largest city in Vietnam, in recent years, Danang has been the fastest developing cities in the nation, benefiting from the massive income of booming tourism, this city has become a hotspot for not only for visitors but also investors, both local and international. Despite the impressive rate of growth of this city, foreign investors shared a big challenge – Business communication, due to lack of professional contractors that could communicate in English. That’s why VH Home is born; specialized in interior design in Danang, Furniture manufacturer in Danang; carrying out a mission to professionally design investors’ establishment, supply furniture at manufacturer price and ensuring the product quality.

furniture-in-danangA designed office from an investor that invested in “the look” and “the feel”

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Possessing 3000m2 wood factory, with numerous respected sub-contractors, which allow VH Home Interior Design in Danang to work with our partners flexibly, without having to worry about product quality, timing, execution and maintenance. Our clients trusted us from the moment the order is placed to deliverance in time and within budget.

Where to find Interior Designers in Danang

The majority of business establishments nowadays invested in “the look” of their places to create a special experience for their clientele, whether it’s a hospitality establishment (hotels, restaurants, café, spas,…) or even their offices, shops and business functions. This setting up step can be done in the following ways:

  • Investors that have already has a designer: With investors that has already purchase a design to be applied to their establishments, they would only have to search for furniture manufacturer in Danang or furniture supply Danang. Of course this could not be done so easily since these contractors are often not able to communicate in English and to make it worse, you’d probably finding yourself spending twice the amount you should if you don’t do a detailed market research for prices, quality and availability of materials needed. With VH Home furniture manufacturer in Danang, we guarantee that you will get the best value for money whether you’re getting office furniture danang or restaurant furniture danang, along with consultation service to effectively execute your design.


Starbuck Coffee franchise in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

  • Investors that have a concept in mind: With a concept in mind of what you want your establishment to look and function, let us help you turn your imagination into reality. VH Home interior design in Danang specialize in Office design in Danang, Shop Design in Danang and Restaurant design in Danang offer free consultation service to help you understand the Danang market, pricing of furniture supply Danang and guarantee to offer you cost effective interior design in Danang.


French Cuisine Restaurant “La Maison 1888” – Danang, Vietnam

  • Investors that haven’t got a concept. For those who haven’t got a concept, we are happy to discuss with you to work out the design that are inspired of what you want, what’s important to you and is meaningful to you. In this matter, VH home cost interior design in Danang will take into consideration all important aspects of designs to ensure establishment décor as well as functionality.

VH Home design and supplies furniture in Danang

With our mission is supporting foreign investors to encourage development of our city, we, as a furniture manufacturer in Danang provides Office furniture Danang, Shop furniture Danang, restaurant furniture Danang,… and a manufacturer price and with full 24 months warrantee.


Focusing on budget furniture Danang, we don’t produce low quality product but simply understand why should foreign investor pay over the cloud prices simply because they could be taken advantage of. And VH Home cost effective interior design in Danang is here to change that. We want to create a working environment that is friendly for our investors so that Danang could welcome more and more investments and develop to be one of the best “worth living” cities in Vietnam.

Cost effective designs for shops, office and apartment in Danang


Boutique women clothes and accessories – Mrs. M (Danang, Vietnam)


Korean Grill Restaurant  – Mr. K (Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam)


Co-working space Office Design – Mr. C (Danang, Vietnam)

Hotline: 0935058888

Address: 1st floor, 127 Hung Vuong, Thu Do Hotel, Hai Chau, Danang


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