Just signed a contract and looking to settle in Danang? Look no further! With VH Home Interior Design in Danang, we provide complete apartment furniture at bargain prices. As an interior design and furniture manufacture company, our goal is to supply our clienteles’ furniture at reasonable price. Since we understand our market lacking suppliers that could communicate with you in English (which is probably why foreign customers often get charged higher than usual), we will help you “cut the middleman” to supply commodities directly to you, at manufacturer’s price. Whether you are looking for cheap furniture in Danang or rental apartment design in Danang, we’re here to help.

Complete Apartment Furniture in Danang at only US2000

Cost effective apartment design VH Home

Specialised in Interior Design in Danang, we understand that it is not necessary to pay premium prices for basic needs (which is the case for most foreign investors here in Vietnam for not being able to conduct market research). VH Home Interior Design in Danang offer flexible designs whether it’s your apartment, your house or you’re planning to setup your business establishment here in Danang.
VH Home Interior Design in Danang offers free consultation service for our customers, after discussions to understand your concept, we will be producing design sketches (free of charge) based on your ideas. If you find it fitting to your taste, we will propose materials available, pricing, timing of producing and installation process.

Complete Apartment Furniture Danang

VH Home furniture manufacture in Danang guarantee that you’ll have the best value for your money. Whether you’re looking for complete apartment furniture in Danang sets or simply just browsing for a sofa, storage cabinets or a bed; you can just pick them right away from our collection or let us design a unique one for you, at no additional cost.

Our process is straight forward; you just need to come to us with your apartment layout and a few orientation photos or simply just an idea of how you want your apartment turn out to be. Depending on your taste, your needs and your budget, we will send our specialists to measure your apartment and 3D visualize it based on an agreed concept for you (all free of charge). Once we have agreed on material used, designs and specs, a deposit paid in advance will be required to prior to production. And just like that, we will be handing back the keys to you 30 – 60 days base on the complexity of the project. Keep in mind our package has already include the supervisions and quality inspection to free you from the hassle.

Apartment design package quotations in DaNang

We offer a diverse range of packages that you can choose from base on your need. From budget apartment furniture Danang to quality apartment furniture Danang. As an Interior Design company that has a factory to manufacture furniture, we can guarantee the best prices for your furniture.

Furniture DaNang

Ranging from only US2,000 for a complete apartment furniture set and design, which includes bedroom furniture, living room furniture and kitchen furniture. We produce our product at quality MDF humid resisting wood with a variety of color and pattern for you to choose from.

Regarding the price. Our quotations for 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms’ apartment furniture are as follow.

1 Bedroom Furniture Quotation
2 Bedroom Furniture Quotation

European Standard apartment design Danang

Europe is a wealthy and diverse flock of design customs, some of which date back a few centuries. Some trends, on the other hand, were forged by Europe’s progress, and the response to the diversity in its inhabitants, demographics, wealth and resources. Modern European style and European interior design is greatly admired in modern America and influences American interior design trends. European style accessorizing works best when you apply yourself to it completely. Welcome the design into one room after another, filling out each one before continuing to the other. Thanks to the numerous textures, colors, and looks that are available, your residence can still have satisfying and intimate feel whilst you accomplish a cohesive design. Whether you are drawing on a classic French farmhouse look or 2018 interior design trends, start today.

Graduated from design institution in Switzerland, we wanted to implement European Standard apartment design Danang. Whether you plan to leave the apartment for rent or love to stay in a place you designed yourself that is up to standard, we have the solution. Our strength is to emphasize the traffic and functionality of the place to create a “home away from home” for those who choose to come live here in Vietnam at a European standard. Of course we will not recommend installing a heating system in your home.

Apartment design ideas

Our architects and designers offer the most popular and diverse selection of architectural styles, providing a wide range of house plans to accommodate any preference or budget. Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio or luxurious top floor penthouse. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of just about every architectural style available around the Vietnam. If you haven’t decided on a style, use our examples below to discover what resonates with you, or what matches the style of home designs in the area you plan on building


Hotline: 0935058888

Address: 1st floor, 127 Hung Vuong, Thu Do Hotel, Hai Chau, Danang

Email: info@vhh.asia

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